Odicoat Gel Coating

Odicoat Gel Coating

H.A. Kidd

SKU: 3030919

ODIF brand

Waterproof gel glue protects fabrics, creating an oilcloth like finish. Can be used with most fabrics. Additionally, Odicoat is a very strong permanent glue for fabric. When dry, Odicoat provides a finish on fabric that is similar to oilcoth whilst protecting it from UV and stains. Touch dry in 30 minutes. completely dry within 12 hours. After application of the gel, fabric can be sewn or cut. Note: Odicoat may easily be applied to already finished projects using a soft brush. Odicoat can also be used as a fabric glue. Hand or machine washable. Transparent. Odorless, acid and solvent free.

250ml container